Dartmouth Sweatshirt Hooded

It’s hard to find great Dartmouth College apparel online.  In fact, that’s exactly the reason that way back in 2000 we started Ivysport.  Back then, the only way to get an official licensed Dartmouth College sweatshirt or t-shirt was to catch a plane to Hanover, NH and visit the on-campus bookstore.  Even then, the on-campus stores were more focused on selling books than high quality, great designed Dartmouth apparel.

Ivysport is 100% focused on Ivy League apparel and making sure it’s of incredible quality, delivered with great service at a reasonable price.  If you want to find the best Dartmouth College sweatshirts and t-shirts, we selfishly think you should check out the Dartmouth Store by Ivysport.   Our quality and service was more than enough to have Dartmouth Athletics ask us to become their official Dartmouth Athletics Online Store as well!

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