class of 2016 t-shirtsNow on the shelf – the Class of 2016 t-shirts!

Getting accepted to one of the Ivy League universities is a great accomplishment. What better way to celebrate getting into the Ivy League than to show your school pride with your Class of 2016 t-shirt.

Ivysport is proud and happy for you! Every year we produce the Class of 2016 t-shirt (incoming year of course) to honor the new students and their hard achievement and their dedication.

The Class of 2016 t-shirt features your schools’ crest or seal with the designation “Class of 2016″ on front. The distressed print gives each t-shirt a great vintage look. Limited 2016 t-shirts are produced each year and every year they are a big hit with the new students. Getting into the Ivy League is a great accomplishment. Ivysport is proud to be a part of your history and we’re excited this time of year when we produce the Class of 2016 t-shirts.

Welcome Class of 2016 Tees

Each Class of 2016 t-shirt features front print on each schools’ respective color. Brown for Brown University, blue for Columbia University, red for Cornell University, green for Dartmouth College, crimson for Harvard, blue for Penn, black for Princeton, and blue for Yale.

Ivysport grew out of the traditions of the Ivy League, itself an athletic conference formalized by the eight Ivy schools in 1954. Known as the “Ancient Eight” of the Ivy League – Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Yale are more than America’s finest colleges. They represent the passionate drive to succeed in learning, athletics, and the game of life.

The Ivy League traces its roots all the way back to 1636 (Harvard). Being a part of a league with traditions that go back nearly 400 years is a quite an accomplishment. Ivysport congratulates you and your fine accomplishment Class of 2016! Grab your own Class of 2016 t-shirt today before they’re gone forever.

Ivysport takes great pride in the quality of our apparel and the schools we represent. We are happy to welcome ’16 with the Class of 2016 t-shirts.

Welcome to the Ivy League Class of 2016!

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