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The Vintage Yale Handsome Dan T-shirt

Yale Handsome Dan T-shirt

Looking for a Yale Handsome Dan T-shirt? Look no further. We got you covered. The Ivysport Yale Handsome Dan T-shirt features full chest velocity washed screen print for a great vintage look and feel.

This is the first shirt you’ll reach for in your drawer.

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Harvard coach Tim Murphy was leafing through the postgame statistics when he noticed a number he just had to share. He tapped his finger on Colton Chapple’s shoulder pad and then on the page where it showed him with a career-best 128 rushing yards.

Harvard Beats Yale in The Game 2012

The Harvard quarterback’s lips formed a word but made no sound: “Wow.”

Chapple scrambled 18 yards for one touchdown and had a 61-yard run that set up the game-winner on Saturday to help the Crimson beat Yale 34-24 — their sixth straight victory in The Game.

Rooting for Harvard?

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Rooting for Yale?

Yale Team Vintage T-shirt

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Yale T-shirts for Sale at Ivysport

Yale T-shirts for sale

The Yale Applique T-shirt by Ivysport

Nowadays there are numerous online stores selling Yale t-shirts … but not all stores are created equal. Some Yale stores sell only a few items where as the others sell t-shirts, vintage items, and Yale sweatshirts. There is one store that was founded by Ivy League alumnus and continues to provide quality Yale apparel today, after 12 years of dedicated service, to the Bulldog community.

Ivysport was founded in a garage in Orange County, California, in 2000. The mission of Ivysport was, and continues to this day, to provide the best Yale apparel available on the Internet. Ivysport has grown into the # 1 and most authentic online store for Yale apparel — as  well as the other eight Ancient Eight schools.

Ivysport continues to distinguish itself by producing and selling super quality Yale t-shirts, vintage items, sweatshirts, hats, and more that rival and exceed the quality of apparel a student or alumni would find on Yale’s campus.

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Yale T-shirt Applique Crest – New Arrival

Yale T-shirt - Applique Crest

Yale T-shirt – Varsity Applique

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Yale Sweatshirt Zip Hood – New Arrival

Yale Sweatshirt Zip Hood

Yale Zip Sweatshirt – Varsity

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Yale Vintage Sweatshirt – Team Vintage Crew

Yale vintage sweatshirtLooking for the best Yale vintage sweatshirt?

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Yale T-shirt Got Your Back

Yale T-shirt Got Your BackYale T-shirt Got Your Back

New Yale T-shirt just arrived – The “Got Your Back” tee. Front features light distressed Yale “Y” and the establish date of 1701. Back features large Yale crest. Go Bulldogs! Click here to get yours today before they sell out.

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