Borat and Penn?

There’s an email making the rounds at Penn that Sacha Baron Cohen, he of Borat fame, is planning to make fools of you all shoot some footage at Penn in the very near future. Of course this is all unconfirmed, but Under The Button has picked up on the story, too.

From the email:

“If you are familiar with his work, including his newest project called Bruno the Movie, you know that it’s unlikely the production crew will contact the University for permission to shoot.  In fact, it is his trademark to pose as fictitious characters and dupe people into being filmed in compromising positions.”

Anyhow, Under The Button is pleading that no one embarrass Penn more than the “Daily Pennsylanian” already has.  We’re pleading that, if you see anything, send us a tip.  SachaStalk2008.  It’s on, Cohen.  It’s on.


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