The real Ivy League - Where the work gets done!

Pictured from left to right: Chuck Yrigoyen, Jeff Orleans, and Ivysport’s Eric Barnes

While most people correctly associate the phrase “Ivy League” with the elite, ancient eight Ivy schools, not so many realize the only physical embodiment of the Ivy League is its athletic conference. Formally called “The Council of Ivy Group Presidents”, the Ivy League has been led by our friend and colleague Jeff Orleans since 1984. While the “Ivy League” name conjures up notions of elite schools covered in Ivy, the “real” Ivy League oversees the athletic play of some 33 varsity sports across the eight Ivy League schools. Jeff recently announced his retirement as Executive Director this year after twentry-four incredible years of leadership. This was followed by the bittersweet news of the Ivy League’s Chuck Yrigoyen departing to become Commissioner of the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. 

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